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In the U.S. Army, competition is a vital part of our acquisition strategy because it makes good business sense.

As the TACOM Competition Management Office, our job is to challenge procedures, requirements and specifications that may result in inappropriate, noncompetitive procurements.


In our role as advocates for fair competition, we:

- Ensure all responsible sources are given the opportunity to compete
- Advise interested parties on how to comply with directives on competition
- Provide a forum for discussing the problems and barriers to competition and recommended corrective actions
- Provide advice to prospective contractors on the source approval process

We also encourage the support of joint industry-government programs in order to increase competition. Our process ensures that qualified contractors are given every opportunity to compete for government business, because we know that competition within your business can be enhanced through competitive subcontracting purchases.

We hope you find this information valuable as you make your contracting decisions. If you have any questions, issues or concerns call us at (586) 282-6597, or email us.


Sources Sought Notices are not an actual bid or proposal solicitation; instead, it's a solicitation of interest. These notices posted on the System Awards Management page (SAM.gov) support agencies market research to determine the capabilities and interests of the marketplace for a particular item or project. A Sources Sought notice may – or may not — be followed-up by the agency with the issuance of an actual bid or proposal solicitation.

If you are interested in responding to a particular Sources Sought Notice, follow the specific instructions given in the notice by providing no more and no less than requested. In other words, give the agency exactly what it asks for in your reply.

If a particular Sources Sought announcement spells-out no specific format for laying-out your capabilities, we recommend that you send in a government-specific Capabilities Statement. Give it your best effort and respond by the deadline.

To search for ACC-WRN specific Sources Sought Notices on the ►SAM.gov Homepage:

1. In the "Select Domain" search box, click the drop down arrow, then select (Contract Opportunities) from the dropdown list
2. Type [W56HZV, Sources Sought] in the Text Box to the right of "Select Domain"
3. Click the "Search" Button

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