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Corrosion Prevention and Control Program

The Corrosion Prevention and Control Program (CPC) office part of TACOM’s Integrated Logistics Support Center, in partnership with the Combat Capabilities Develop Command-Ground Vehicle Systems Center’s Material – Environmental, Corrosion & Coatings Division, provides technical advice, support and demonstrations for numerous stakeholders to include military units, Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, Department of the Army G4, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology's Corrosion Control and Prevention Executive, Army Materiel Command and Army Program Executive Offices.


Our staff periodically travels to Army installations in order to conduct corrosion assessments on TACOM-managed equipment, providing Corrosion Field Level Maintenance Demonstrations and evaluating and providing recommendations regarding unit CPC programs, maintenance processes and reporting.


Survey findings that help Unit Commanders:

• Understand the status of their Unit CPC Program and CPC training needs
• Comprehend their equipment's technical corrosion assessment
• Know the status of their equipment fleet
• Grasp the Corrosion Maintenance Action Requirements from their assessment

Technical assistance and advice to military and government civilians:

• On-site Corrosion Field Maintenance Demonstrations to Soldiers
• Command Maintenance Discipline Program
• Army Award of Maintenance Excellence
• Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health
• Personal Protective Equipment identification
• Authorized Usage List (AUL)
• Command Maintenance Evaluation Team
• Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team
• Ground Readiness Evaluation Assessment Team
• Logistics Assistance Representatives (LARS)

Technical assistance to maintenance facilities with paint booth operations

• Corrosion Prevention Control
• Command Maintenance Discipline Program Checklist
• Over-the-shoulder review and guidance on current operations
  o   Inspection
  o   Cleaning
  o   Surface preparation
  o   Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) System application
  o   Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC)

Our goal is to create a partnership, where we work together to share best practices and to improve the overall processes and consistency of quality assurance at all Army facilities that paint ground equipment platforms.

What we do for Other Stakeholders

• Identification of systemic corrosion issues
• Support for Operational Sustainment Reviews
• Recommendations for:
  o   Scopes of Work (SOW)
  o   Depot Maintenance Work Requirements
  o   National Maintenance Work Requirement
• Provides on-site fleet status for equipment assessed
• Development of Weapon System Fleet Corrosion Control Checklists
• Equipment trend analysis reports
• Detailed CPC Survey Reports
• Leverage data from previous and future CPC surveys
• Data analyzed for research for future products and improvements
• Support the Army’s Annual report on Corrosion Prevention and Control
• Submit yearly reports on corrosion for Congressional review
• Support ASA(ALT) CCPE Corrosion Action Memorandums


You can find the following publications on the CPC SharePoint page by using your Department of Defense Common Access Card or by accessing the Army Publishing Directorate, on the links below.

• TM 43-0242 "Chemical Agent Resistant Coating Spot Painting for Army Ground Equipment"
• TM 43-0139 "Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) Application and Quality Assurance on Army Ground Equipment"
• TB 43-0213 "Corrosion Prevention and Control (CPC) for Army Ground Equipment"

► Link to - TACOM CPC SharePoint Home Page (CAC Enabled)
► Link to - Army Publishing Directorate


Mailing address:

U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM)
ATTN: Corrosion Prevention and Control
6501 East 11 Mile Road
Detroit Arsenal, MI 48397-5000

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