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The Static Display Program is conducted by the Army Donations Program Office in the Integrated Logistics Support Center of the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command at Detroit Arsenal, Michigan.

The program is conducted in accordance with Title 10 United States Code §2572 as implemented by Army Regulation 700-131. Eligible organizations may qualify to receive conditionally-issued, condemned or obsolete Army equipment for static display purposes.

The types of organizations authorized for a static display are:

- Incorporated museums (non-profit, educational only)
- Municipal corporations
- Museums, historical societies, or historical institutions of a U.S. state or a foreign nation
- Non-profit military heritage foundations, or associations incorporated in a U.S. state
- Veterans’ memorials
- Veterans’ Service Organizations with a national headquarters


Operational Army equipment is NOT provided under the Army Static Display Program

U.S. active military, National Guard, and/or Reserve organizations are not authorized to participate in the U.S. Army Static Display Program. See Army Regulation 870-20: Army Museums, Historical Artifacts, and Art for additional information. The Center for Military History handles U.S. military requests.

The following types of organizations may NOT qualify for the conditional issue of Army equipment:
-Veteran service organizations without a National Headquarters

Most of the Army equipment available for static display are pieces transferred after an organization that was issued the equipment closes or combines with another organization.

Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you how long your organization must wait before you receive a piece of equipment because several variables go into determining where an available piece of equipment is placed.

These variables include the date the organization completed the qualification process (Qualification Date), location of the organization in proximity to the available equipment and the number of pieces of equipment the organization has already received. Click the link below for a list of qualified organizations currently waiting for available equipment.

On the Army Donations Program page, add a link to the Blank Ammunition & Clips Information underneath the other links. Link should go directly to the Blank Ammunition & Clips Section on the FAQs page.



Organizations are required to perform a 100% inventory of all the United States Army owned static display equipment issued to them every year for as long as they retain them. This reporting requirement has historically been fulfilled through the submission of the Annual Certification of Army Material Status form and current photograph, which you may still choose to use. Our office, however, has moved toward an online certification process to fulfill this requirement.

An email is automatically sent to the email address your organization has on file with our office. It will come to your inbox, but you should also check your spam and junk mail folders as well. This email will include a link to your organization's assets as well as a 'key code' for you to access it. After you access your assets, you will be able to certify each rifle that is on hand. If there are any discrepancies, missing rifles, replacements required, you will be able to state that as well. You will need to upload a current photograph of each piece of static display equipment issued to your organization.

To ensure that your organization receives this automated certification, contact our office to confirm that there is a valid email address on file.


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