We facilitate warfighting readiness for U.S. forces by executing repair parts planning and supply chain management for more than 3,500 weapon systems. These systems form the core of America's ground combat capability.

When the force needs critical readiness components delivered, whether at home or abroad, it depends on the TACOM ILSC.


At the ILSC, we define logistics as the process of planning and executing the sustainment of forces and equipment in support of military operations.

We help to ensure new weapons systems, technology and equipment are designed to facilitate support in the field and include the necessary support elements.

We help to ensure that fielded systems are maintained and ready for operations with maintenance management, supply support and technical publications.


We work strategically to improve our processes and customer service, while strengthening collaboration and communication with our mission partners.

Our team is committed to Soldiers.

- Integrated Logistics Support Center, U.S. Army TACOM


- Acquisition and sustainment logistics, including maintenance management, supply support and weapons systems management

- Logistics policy and process management for supply, maintenance, technical publications, provisioning, Army Working Capital Funds, and fleet management

- Headquarters-level support to TACOM's industrial repair and maintenance facilities

- Field support through readiness analysis, logistics assistance, fielding and training of equipment and field-level maintenance for training equipment


Headquartered at Detroit Arsenal, Michigan, the TACOM ILSC employs more than 3000 civilians who directly support Army readiness at 52 locations around the world, including:

- Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland
- Fort Moore, Georgia
- Fort Liberty, North Carolina
- Fort Eustis, Virginia
- Fort Cavazos, Texas
- Fort Gregg-Adams, Virginia

- Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
- Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington
- Natick, Massachusetts
- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
- Fort Sill, Oklahoma
- Numerous additional locations in the United States and overseas


For Army units in the field, TACOM ILSC Logistics Assistance Representatives provide:

- Technical guidance to resolve problems with weapon systems, systemic logistics and equipment
- Updated technical and safety information to the field
- One-on-one technical/logistics training to maintain unit readiness and safety

Soldiers or Department of Defense/Army civilian employees requiring logistics assistance can find help on the TACOM ILSC Logistics Assistance Directorate SharePoint portal page (link below).

NOTE: The link below requires a valid U.S. Department of Defense or U.S. Army Common Access Card


The ILSC develops and hosts numerous web-based applications to support Army units in the field.

  • Link to logistics web apps page

    Some organizations managed by TACOM's ILSC provide materiel support to customers both inside and outside the Department of Defense.

    Clothing and Heraldry
    The ILSC Clothing and Heraldry Product Support Integration Directorate produces hand embroidered and machine made flags and other items to senior U.S. Government officials, general officers and members of the Senior Executive Service. The Clothing and Heraldry PSID provides flags, guidons and streamers to Army units.

    In addition, The Clothing and Heraldry PSID is responsible for the issuance of medals, decorations and awards to Army veterans and their next of kin.

    U.S. Army Donations Program
    The ILSC manages the U.S. Army Donations program, which encompasses both the Static Display Program and the Ceremonial Rifle Program. The Static Display Program provides decommissioned and demilitarized tanks, military vehicles and artillery pieces for public display by authorized organizations. The Ceremonial Rifle Program provides authorized organization rifles for use military veteran ceremonies.

  • Link to U.S. Army Donations Program

  • General Officer Pistol Program
    Army regulations authorize special equipment for General Officers, including an M18 pistol. When a GO is within 90 days of retirement, the GO can return or request to purchase the M18 pistol.

    NOTE: The GOPP link below requires a valid U.S. Department of Defense or U.S. Army Common Access Card

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