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Our mission is built on our desire to gain your trust. We know that in order for the Army to succeed, we need to help you be successful. That’s why we, the team in the TACOM Ombudsman Office, work hard to make sure that we receive, review and provide quick resolutions to all your acquisition-related inquiries.

- Establish lines of communication at a senior level between TACOM and Industry
- Gain your confidence in our management of the acquisition process
- Foster informal, expeditious and effective resolution to issues
- Permit us to capitalize on new industry ideas without interrupting the normal acquisition process

As the Ombudsman, we act as an independent and impartial official to resolve issues and improve the overall acquisition process.

Gaining your trust and building credibility is vital to the success of our program. We know that most of the time, problems and concerns are resolved through normal channels; however, there are times when issues are not addressed to your satisfaction. It is during these times that you need our service.

The Ombudsman recognizes that reasonable people disagree and strongly believe in the merits of their points of view. Because we are neutral, effective listeners and understand the importance of communications, we are able to safeguard the interest of all parties involved and provide an objective review of the issue in a timely manner.

All contact with the Ombudsman is not necessarily the result of a conflict or dispute. We also answer a variety of general inquiries and provide assistance in putting the right people in touch with each other.

If you have any issues or concerns, the TACOM Ombudsman is available to talk with you at (586) 282-6597, or by email.


An improved acquisition process

- Ombudsman office team, U.S. Army TACOM

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