Watervliet Arsenal

Organic Industrial Base

Watervliet Arsenal (WVA)

• Watervliet, New York

Watervliet Arsenal (WVA) provides manufacturing, engineering, procurement and quality assurance for cannons, mortars and associated materiel throughout the acquisition life cycle.

Established in 1813, WVA is the Army’s oldest, active arsenal.
WVA, widely known as “America’s Cannon Factory,” is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is designated as a Center for Industrial and Technical Excellence for cannon and mortar systems.
WVA’s workforce is highly skilled in all facets of cannon manufacturing including: rotary forging, heat treatment, surface coating, composite fabrication, milling, turning, boring, grinding and inspection.

The arsenal supports the Army’s fighting force with direct fire tank guns, indirect fire artillery cannons, mortars and components, sustainment parts, and spares for all weapon systems produced at WVA. WVA is also home to Combat Capabilities Development Command Benét Laboratories, whose mission includes the development of arsenal products and technology for future weapon systems. The co-location of research, design, development, engineering and manufacturing provides customers with quick, seamless transition from concept design through prototyping to production. WVA readily offers a full complement of modern manufacturing and laboratory equipment, along with a highly trained staff of scientists, engineers, technicians and machinists.
The arsenal partners with the entire acquisition community, private industry and government in the design and prototyping of large-caliber weapon systems. Customer expectations are exceeded by the arsenal’s expertise in ultra-high-pressure components and advanced coatings that are stronger and lighter with longer service lives.

• Produces direct fire tank guns, indirect fire artillery cannons, mortars and components, sustainment parts, and spares
• Development of arsenal products and technology for future weapon systems
• Design
• Development
• Engineering
• Precision manufacturing (boring, grinding, milling, turning, honing)
• Multi-axis multi-task machining centers (mill/turn)
• Rifling
• Prototype machining
• Electrochemical machining
• Electrical discharge machining
• Rotary forge
• Flow forming (cold forging)
• Swage
• Small to large part heat treatment
• Advanced coatings
• Surface coatings & treatment
• Chrome plating
• CARC painting
• Welding
• Straightening
• Wet jetting
• Composite manufacturing
• Component fabrication
• Subsystem assembly

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Watervliet Arsenal
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